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Product: Boxes for 6 bottles
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Cardboard boxes for wine and other bottles. The packaging is tested, shock-resistant and offers excellent protection during transport.


  1. The possibility of sending packages with a cheaper courier service without worrying about the bottles breaking.
  2. End of problems with various complaints.
A special insert holds the bottle FIXED and away from the walls of the packaging. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE NO FILLERS NEEDED
1. No problem with different bottle heights up to a maximum of 330 mm
2. The bottle is offset from the bottom, sides and top of the box, so it is safe from impacts.
3. If necessary (bottom edges), it is protected with double protection due to the technological design. insert.
4. The packaging material is of exceptional quality.
5. There is no more unnecessary worry before a possible return, due to a broken bottle
Bottle protection technology in packaging
Wine boxes and bottles from NACPACK and who is satisfied with them:

Read more who else use this excelent whine bottles.


  1. No problems with different bottle heights up to max 330 mm
  2. The bottle is separated from the bottom, sides and top of the box thus safe from impacts.
  3. Where necessary (bottom edges), it is protected with double protection due to the technological design of the insert.
  4. The packaging material is of extremely high quality. 5. No more unnecessary worry before a possible refund, due to a broken bottle

Wine boxes and bottles from NACPACK and who is satisfied with them:

The wine bottle shipping box test simulates a vertical impact by dropping a package containing a bottle 10 times to a predetermined height of 80 cm, with a precise distribution , which includes flat drops and three edge drops, plus a single corner drop. Nakpack® was among the first in Italy to receive this important certificate. It is important to note that damage to a single bottle during the drop sequence invalidates the entire test and does not validate the package.

WINE INDUSTRY ADVISOR is an online industry publication featuring news, articles and editorial content relevant to the wine industry. In order to provide the most relevant information to the industry in a simple and convenient format for their readers, they published Nakpack's first press release: 'Nakpack® Landed Safe & Sound in Great Britain' which included the results of Nakpack's key features and a message from Nakuru CEO Angel Bandinu. Read

Vivino is one of the most popular wine apps in the world with as many as 4 million total users and 100,000 downloads per day. Vivino is a handy application for all wine lovers, especially those who are always looking for new tastes or, more simply, for those who are approaching the universe of grapes and vines for the first time. Wine can also be purchased directly through the app, and Vivino relies on our Nakpack system for safe shipping.

Xpo Logistics, a leading name in Europe for logistics, transport and forwarding, has chosen our superior system for its supply chain in the beverage sector. The company decided to cooperate with us because of the unsurpassed security of our system and minimal storage. Another important factor for Xpo was the short assembly time of our packaging solution - in less than 60 seconds you have a box that is ready and qualified for all types of bottles.

Bacardi is the world's leading producer of rum. He chose NAKPACK protective packaging to ship his samples worldwide - confirming that our system is flexible enough to be effectively used for products outside the wine sector and even meets their strict shipping requirements.

By leveraging the expertise of its 40+ winemaking associations, with a total of 20,000 winegrowers throughout Italy, Caviro is today among the leading names in the Italian wine industry. Caviro chose our transit packaging system to ship his samples. Thanks at least in part to the NAKPACK packaging solution, Caviro is designed as a symbol and ambassador of the authenticity of Italian wines all over the world.


In the past, our company sent bottles packed in different packaging. Since we send bottles to all countries of the European Union, sometimes even to very distant places, problems arose in the delivery itself, since mostly the standard packaging was not of sufficient quality for safe delivery. After researching the market in order to find the best possible packaging, in order to reduce the number of our broken bottles and prevent inconvenience with complaints, we decided to use packaging from the Italian manufacturer Nakpack.

Our wine boxes and other bottles are the perfect solution for all winemakers, brewers, oil producers and others who sell their bottled products online and ship them to end customers. All bottled products in our store, we now ship online by mail with this packaging, and we have very good experience with these bottle shipping boxes.

Despite the fact that our packaging is more expensive than standard ones, the final shipping price is still lower and saves you a lot of inconvenience.

Wine shipping box test
6 bottle cardboard wine box tested
Wine shipping boxes - very safe shipping
Bottle packaging boxes for shipping liquor and wine. Cardboard boxes to suit every budget ensures your products arrive safely & securely every time.
Bottle protection technology in packaging
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    Boxes for 6 bottles
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    Product Length 406,00MM
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