Edi simčič kolos 2016

Edi simčič kolosEdi simčič kolos

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Variant: Red wine
Type: Red blends
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The colossus is colossal, muscular, strong with more tobacco, heavy aromas and less fruit flavors.

Color is ruby, practically without pomegranate - as with a duet and deep as in the Lex duet. At the time of its outcome, after practically four years of maturation, it works very youthfully. A flower of a non -rigid taster can be somewhat surprising. The colossus once meant intense, rich, mature, flowers since 2015 Kolos swears by the "Less More" map. The flower is still intense, even if it is slightly less than the duet lex. He prefers to play on notes called luxury, variety, complexity. Despite full ripening, similar to Lex, we detect freshness and frank fruit. Dry wine, with a rich, solid structure that allows wine to slow, subdued and reliably long -term ripening. The tannin grip is rich but gentlemen, just right. The body is bold, but not too much. The taste in the mouth is complex, intertwined, acting as a well -played orchestra. With a high intensity that is not created at the expense of overlooked or at the expense of new oak barrels and a bold body, due to good, mature acidic and comprehensive balancing, he manages to maintain elegance and for a classic drinker that does not necessarily fall on points of critics, all the necessary drinking.

Unlike previous editions, Kolos has been much more subdued and elegant wine since 2015, actually acts as an upgraded, sophisticated version of an already sophisticated duet lex. The colossus is now colossal by many parameters, but the body and muscles are certainly not among them.

Colos is a wine that can be put in a wine shop and waiting. Decade, also two, three… Patience is refunded. If you are not exactly this variety, the colossus is (almost) prepared at the time of its release.

  • Vintage:
    - 2016
  • Type:
    Red blends
  • Quantity:
  • Variant:
    Red wine
  • Country:
  • Region:
    Primorska Slovenija - Goriška Brda
  • Dimensions:
    Product Length 16,60CM
  • Product Width 14,10CM
  • Product Height 38,50CM
  • Product Weight 1,58KG
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